Flight School/Rentals Testimonials

Started my flying a year and a half ago. Wisconsin aviation did an amazing job getting me ready to be successful for whatever I want from Flying.

The instructors are selfless and put the students ahead of any agenda. Learning both the classroom (book) stuff we need to know and a really good understanding in practical flying. (especially when I got into my IFC training).

More and more people are signing up for intros and lessons. Which means we need more instructors. Let's identify some potentially really good instructors and get them qualified. We need teachers. (maybe you can even ask the pilot from last year's Rally competition. I heard he was amazing

~ Brad

"No time could be spent better in the sense of our needs. The instructors understood perfectly our skills and gave us the right concepts we were missing about US airspace, airports and procedures."

~ Massimo & Mirko from Italy