Service Testimonials

Midway through a charter we had a cabin step cable bolt break...
Which makes it difficult to load and unload pax !
Wisconsin Aviation (MSN) crew fixed it on the spot with less than 20 minutes notice !
Our schedule remained on time.
We appreciate your team !

~ Jet Air Inc - GBG/IOW/BRL

Excellent guidance, support and care from Bobby and Doug throughout my pre-buy inspection - very much appreciated.

~ Mark Philip

"I'm very appreciative of the serve the customer attitude....Thank you and congratulations on having an exemplary staff."

~ Rex L. Jones, Madison, Wisconsin

"My instrument check ride was scheduled for before experienced artificial horizon failure...problem in stock, problem fixed...passed check ride!"

~ Bill Lumsden, Madison, Wisconsin 

"Our regional jet (UAL)...had flap problem.  Your technician alerted pilot to current AD...flight canceled.  Your folks do a great job."

~ Carol Boysen, General Manager, Customer Service, United Airlines (MSN)

"...alternator off line...landed at RYV and expected delay...problem diagnosed, got new alternator...on our way to OSH in 3:15 hours. I will not hesitate to stop at RYV on future trips to OSH." 

~  Jack Lynch, Elon College, North Carolina

 "We came in with a hydraulic leak on our CE-441.  (It was) quickly diagnosed, made a new line, and had it installed in short...time."

~ Rob Fleming, Bloomington, Illinois

"Unbelievably prompt/friendly/emergency service.  I'm totally impressed."

~ Charles Thornsvard, Earlysville, Virginia

"Thanks for your excellent service (emergency repairs)."

~ David Guggel, Daytona Beach, Florida

"I appreciated the emergency rapid response.  Thanks."

~ Jim Driskell, Bob Hoover Airshows, El Segundo, California

"Stopped at MSN after losing my alternator.  A new one was put in and I was on my way within two hours.  I'm impressed." 

~ Trevor Pearson, N.E. Philadelphia Airport, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ​​​​​​

"Outstanding emergency service from Madison.  Techs worked through their lunch hour and allowed me to continue on my IFR flight."

~ Dr. James W. Wilson, Springfield, Missouri