Flight School/Rentals: Rental & Instruction Rates

Our goal is to keep the cost of flying as affordable as possible.  We watch as fuel costs continue to rise for reasons beyond our control.  While we hope for a reverse in the trend, that just hasn't happened.  We chose a fuel-surcharge method rather than increasing aircraft hourly rates in a permanent manner--hoping this can be a temporary measure.  Beginning March 8, you will note a Fuel Surcharge line item on your invoices when you fly.  The amount varies depending upon the specific aircraft you fly and will be a function of the estimated GPH fuel burn of the aircraft type.  We appreciate your continued business!

Rental & Instruction Rates

Aircraft Type Cost/Hr
Cessna 152 $92.50
Cessna 172 (N3421E) $120.00
Cessna 172 (N9002E) $125.00
Cessna 172S (N484ER) $145.00
Piper Warrior $120.00
Piper Warrior (N8323A) $130.00
Piper Archer (N6205J / N8262S)    $130.00
Piper Archer (N229DM) $135.00
Piper Archer (N4142Q) $145.00
Piper Arrow (N2213W) $145.00
Piper Arrow (N300KR)             $150.00
Piper Arrow (N82821) $150.00
Citabria $125.00
Cirrus SR20 (N814) $220.00
Cirrus SR20 (N168SR) $220.00
Cirrus SR22 (N861TZ) $299.00
Cirrus SR22 (N708ES) $325.00
Piper Seneca II (N8076H) $395.00
Piper Seneca II (N6878C) $449.00
Redbird FMX1000 Simulator $80.00

All rates are wet (include fuel). Fuel and oil purchased at other-than-Wisconsin-Aviation facilities will be reimbursed at actual cost, but will not exceed our current posted rates.  Rates are subject to change without notice.

Instruction Type Cost/Hr
Primary / Cirrus SR20 $59.00
Advanced / Cirrus SR22     $69.00
Professional             $79.00

Rates are subject to change without notice.