Flight School/Rentals: Simulator Training

Wisav - Simulator Training
Wisav - Simulator Training

Incredibly realistic & FAA Part 141 Certified!

Wisconsin Aviation has the following simulator training options available:
Frasca 142-P @ Juneau location (UNU)
Redbird LD @ Madison location (MSN)
Click on either link above for specifications on each simulator.

The Benefits of Simulator Training:

  • A great way to learn IFR procedures without the distractions generated when flying an aircraft.
  • Fly more approaches in a scheduled lesson than in an aircraft.
  • A classroom setting allows pausing to clarify things you don't fully understand.
  • Experience failures that cannot be done in actual airplanes!
  • Wisconsin weather doesn't affect the simulator!
  • An instructor is required.

For more information:
UNU - 920-386-2402

MSN - 608-268-5024