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1979 Navajo Panther PA31-325
TTSN:6760 SMOH:740/920 Annual:Sold with Fresh Annual Price: $259,000/OFFER/TRADE!
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1979 Cessna 310R
TTSN:9545 SMOH:1200/1200 SPOH:235 SNEW/1100 SPOH Annual:January Annual Price:$99,995
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2003 Cirrus SR20
TTSN:1865 SMOH:647 SPOH:105 Annual:June Price:$139,000
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1975 Cessna 150M
TTSN:2410 SMOH:566 SPOH:51 SNEW Annual:June 2019 Price:$25,000
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1970 Cessna 310Q
TTSN:1960 SMOH:185 (10/15) Annual:September Price:$165,000
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1984 Cessna 340A RAM VII
TTSN:3820 SMOH:630/275 Annual:December 2018 Price:Reduced to $239,000/OFFER!
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1975 Cessna Citation 500
TTSN:12,995 SMOH:1850/1170 Annual:Fresh I-IV Price:$379,000
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1980 Cessna 414AW RAM IV
TTSN:6650 SMOH:990/418 (RAM) SPOH:990/2315 Annual:November Price:$269,000
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1982 Cessna 414A RAM IV
TTSN:4765 SMOH:1016/960 SPOH:394 Annual:July Price:$479,500