FBO: Madison (MSN) Your Gateway to the State Capital

Rentals in Madison

Cars/Taxis/Limos Phone No. Service Details
Gallant KnightLimousineLogo-web225 800-725-5655
Visit Gallant Knight Limousine's website by clicking here.
Alfred 608-338-7704 Limo service - Click here to visit Alfred's website.
Enterprise 608-661-4900 Delivered to Wisconsin Aviation.
Hertz 608-241-3803 Delivered to Wisconsin Aviation (Gold Members only).
Avis 608-242-0429 Delivered to Wisconsin Aviation (Gold Members only).
Madison Taxi 608-258-7458  
Badger Taxi 608-256-5566  
Presidential Limo 608-423-2300  
Sunlife Limo 877-546-6487  
Courtesy Cars 800-594-5359 Provided by Wisconsin Aviation for local driving.